About Sichuan

The Land of Abundance

Located in south western China, Sichuan is a province full of tourism resources, with over 4,000 unique tourist spots, including over 900 world-class, state-level or provincial-level attractions and five UNESCO World Heritage sites.To the east of the province, is the capital city of Chengdu plain; while to the west, the highland peaks stretch away into Tibet; to the north of the province, is the habitats of different minority groups; to the south, the northern section of the Hengduan Range completes the mountainous barrier that has come to geographically defend Sichuan. Sichuan is a province renowned for its fertile land and agricultural wealth.Throughout history it has never suffered from famine or flood, due to the contributes of Dujiangyan irrigation system which built about 2000 years ago.From its mix of people to its world famous spicy cuisine, from its lakes and waterfalls to its glaciers and grasslands, from its mysterious past to its cutest pandas,Sichuan is undoubtedly ‘The Land of Abundance’.

Culture & Religion

Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan with a rich and splendid cultural history,is where most travelers start their explorations. From Sanxingdui and Jinsha Museum, you can witness the long history of Old Shu Kingdom.In Chengdu downtown, you can visit the royal tomb of Wangjian, the Wuhou shrine, the Dufu’s thatched cottage and Qingyang Taoism temple.Chengdu is also noted for its leisure life style.The pace of life here is slower than the other cities of China.People tend to spend more time and efforts to create and experience happiness.Chengdu has the most clubs, bars, coffee shops and tea houses of China.Have some drinks in a local place would be perfect way to enjoy the laid-back life here.

Both modern and traditional, Sichuan has retained its cultural and natural heritage. Sichuan is home to China’s second largest population of Tibetan people after Tibet itself, and is also the largest region inhabited by the Yi people. It is also the only region in the country where Qiang people live in homogenous groups. All three of them have a strong sense of identity and distinctive customs.While religious conflict is a highly sensitive topic,Sichuan’s tolerance and diversity formed a peaceful and harmonious co-existent society.

Arts & Crafts

The Sichuan opera is one of the city’s most famous and well-loved arts. Unlike many of China’s more serious operatic shows, Sichuan opera is light-hearted, humorous and thoroughly entertaining. Just as Beijing opera, Sichuan opera use masks as well, especially the changing masks. Actors can change their masks at an invisible speed to the audience’s eyes. One of the key elements of Sichuan opera which makes it so appealing is its humor. The humorous sketches of ‘soft-eared man’ performing tricks to appease his womenfolk cause much audience hilarity. Chengdu is nicknamed ‘The City of Brocade’. As early as Han dynasty (202BC—220AD), it is the first and biggest factory of making brocade. The silk and brocade were sold overseas via silk road. The local specialities like Shu embroidery, Tibetan Thangka, bamboo-woven porcelain ware and lacquer ware, are all popular souvenirs.

Natural Resources

Sichuan provides some of China’s most outstanding scenery, and key to its overwhelming popularity is its geographical diversity. Plateaus ,mountains, ravines, basins, valleys, hills, plains, rivers, lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers and limestone caves can all listed here.You can join Tibetans on a pilgrimage trek around the stunning holy mountain of Yading Nature Reserve, or climb snowed-capped Mountain Siguniang. From the snowy, icy peaks to the grasslands, from ancient town to the villages, Sichuan has something to offer everyone. No matter you love biking, hiking, skiing or mountain climbing ,you can easily find a way to enjoy yourself here.Besides,Sichuan has two very different climatic regions. Chengdu and the east have a subtropical climate and humid, rainy summer, while the highland plateau in the west sees a colder, drier climate,While it is possible to travel to the vast majority of the province at any time of the year. When asked what is Sichuan’s most famous feature, without hesitation, it must be Giant panda. There are currently 5 panda bases around Chengdu, for you to get close to the adorable giant pandas, see them, take a selfie with them, feed them, hold one of them, and even track the wild pandas in their natural habitat! Come and contact us, indulge your panda passion with a dreamy panda tour.