There is an old saying goes-once you step into Chengdu, you will never want to leave. As the capital city of Sichuan province, it is where most travelers start their explorations. Chengdu is proud of its cultural background and scenic beauties.

From Sanxingdui Museum and Jinsha Museum, you can witness the long history of Ancient Shu Kingdom. In downtown Chengdu, you can visit the royal Tomb of Wangjian, the Wuhou Shrine, the Dufu’s Thatched Cottage and Qingyang Taoism Temple.The 2,250 years old Dujiangyan Irrigation System still contributes a lot to the great civilization of Chengdu plain. Around Chengdu city, there are many beautiful and impressive natural scenery spots. Explore the Taoism culture and do a little hiking at the holy Mount Qingcheng, or take a look  at the unique scenery of ‘Sea of Clouds’ at Mount Emei are the best places to breathe the fresh air. If you are fond of Buddhism, you can admire the world’s largest Buddha statue at Leshan. Chengdu is also noted for its leisure life style.The pace of life here is slower than most cities of China. People tend to spend more time and efforts to create and experience happiness. What is Sichuan’s most famous feature? Without hesitation, it must be China’s national treasure-Giant Panda. There are currently 5 panda bases around Chengdu, for you to get close to the adorable giant pandas, see them, take a selfie with them, feed them, hold one of them, or even track the wild pandas in their natural habitat! Come and contact us, let us create a memorable journey for you.