Romance of Three Kingdoms Sites Tour

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5 Days
Availability : All year long

Romance of Three Kingdoms Sites tour will take you back to the old time, a period of battles and conspiracies, but also a glorious time for great heroes and epic poetry. Let us experience this fabulous journey with the exploration of ancient Shu Culture, while enjoy the amazing sightseeing of northern Sichuan along the way.


Day 1Chengdu - Mianyang

In the morning you’ll visit China’s national treasure–the giant panda, at Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Researching Base. There are currently about 150 giant pandas in captivity here and you’ll see the cubs, teenagers and adults of the lovely pandas. What’s more, you’ll also have the opportunity to see the red panda, which is a different species of the giant panda.

After the visit of the pandas, head for Wuhou Memorial Temple, which is the most influential museum of the Three Kingdom culture in China. It is dedicated to Zhuge Liang, the Marquis Wu (Wuhou) of Kingdom of Shu-Han in the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280). Zhuge Liang was also the personification of noble character and intelligence, his great personality, dedicated service to others and outstanding intelligence place him above all emperors, generals, and ministers in history.

In the late afternoon drive to beautiful Mianyang city for overnight.

Meals provided: lunch + dinner

Accommodation:Century Baden Hotel

Day 2Mianyang - Guangyuan

Today you will continue the tour along the Chengmian Expressway and head for Jianmenguan Pass and on the way you will gradually leave Chengdu Plain and arrive at the mountainous areas.

After arriving, start your exploration of the famous Jianmenguan Pass which has displayed a military importance from ancient China. As the old saying goes ‘ One man guards the gate, and thousands of men couldn’t enter’, so it has won the fame of ‘The First Gate in China’. Many fierce battles during the Three Kingdom Period took place here. Today’s Jianmengua is also a national forest park, with many trees and peaks.

In the afternoon head for Zhaohua Old Town, which has a history of, over 2,000 years. It is a small, quiet and well-preserved old town with memorial archway and old tower houses. You’ll stay overnight here in this town.

Meals provided: breakfast + lunch + dinner

Accommodation: a local guest house

Day 3Tangjiahe Nature Reserve

Tangjiahe nature reserve is located in Qingchuan county, Guangyuan, covering an area of 40,000 hectares. This reserve is also famous for its Yinpin Ancient Road in era of Three Kingdoms and remarkable natural views.

Meals provided: breakfast + lunch + dinner

Accommodation: Tangjiahe Hotel

Day 4Tangjiahe - Langzhong

In the morning,continue exploring Tangjiahe Nature Reserve. After finishing the visit of Tangjiahe in the noon, you will head for another old town named Langzhong, which is over 2,300 years old. It is believed that Lanzhong is the place where the Chinese Spring Festival origins. It is also an important military base during the Three kingdom Period, and Zhangfei, a famous general from that time, once stayed here to guard territory of the Shu Kingdom.

Meals provided: breakfast + lunch + dinner

Accommodation: A local guesthouse

Overnight: a small town at the countryside of Dali.

Day 5Langzhong - Chengdu

You’ll walk around the old streets in Langzhong Ancient Town and explore some temples, courtyards, and old architectures.

In the afternoon drive back to Chengdu, the tour ends.

Meals provided: breakfast + lunch


Price of the trip:

1 person: USD 2,041

2 people: USD 1,190 per person

3 to 5 people: USD 985 per person

6 to 9 people: USD 778 per person

10 or more people: USD 618 per person

The quote includes:

  • Transportation: a comfortable car or bus and excellent driver’s service for the trip, and petrol fees, highway fees and parking fees of the vehicle.
  • Entrance ticket of Chengdu Panda Base, Wuhou Temple, Jianmenguan Scenic Spot, Zhaohua Old Town, Tangjiahe Nature Reserve and Langzhong Ancient Town.
  • Accommodation of 4 nights from day 1 to Day 4 based on twin-bed rooms, breakfast included.
  • Meals as listed in the itinerary.
  • English-speaking guide service.

The quote DOESN NOT include:

  • Your accommodation on Day 5 after getting back to Chengdu.
  • Your dinner on Day 5 after getting back to Chengdu.
  • Your own personal expenses.
  • Tips to the guide and driver if you are satisfied with their service.