What Our Travelers Say

We love what we do and strive to show our travelers the most memorable experience, but don’t take our word for it. Here are a few testimonials to give you a look.

My wife and I travelled with Ying Ying in late December. We went to the Giant Panda Research and Breeding Center, then spent a nice time strolling the “Wide and narrow alleys” of ancient Chengdu. Ying Ying’s knowledge of her subject matter, devotion to nature, and ability to relate important stories and anecdotes enriched our tour, and made our travels through this part of China especially fulfilling. In addition to being a guide, she is a graceful and natural host.

Brian Trager
Massachusetts, US

Yingying, as we look back over our recent adventures in China, we agree that meeting you was one of the highlights. It was truly a pleasure to spend time with you. You are the best! Thanks for everything…

Susan Trager
Massachusetts, US

With Leo from Sichuan Adventure as our guide, my family enjoyed a pleasant trip during the National holidays. When most other tourist spots are filled with people, Leo was so wise to have chosen this route for us.

With his expertise, we enjoyed the natural beauty on the snow mountains. I seemed to have returned to my youth while playing with snow on Chola Mountain. The local people in Taoping Qiang minority village and Jiaju Tibetan village impressed us with their hospitality and gourmet dinners. We learned a lot about Tibetan Buddism by visiting Yaqing Monastery and Dege Pakhang Sutra-printing House, where the lamas, both young and old, are so pious but friendly enough to reply to my questions.

All these happy memories will remain in my heart for years to come. Thank you very much, Leo! Your reminder before our departure proved to be very helpful, and your timely explanation enlightened us about the places and cultures. We are sure to come back to Sichuan again, and our guide will be no other person than you, Leo.

Olivia Guan
Kaifeng, China

We were there to attend the Congress. So it was a three day trip with YingYing. Very blessed to her, a pleasant personality.These places are breathtaking ! Every place we visited tells a significant story of Chinese working spirit, the transformation years and the culture.

I like all that the tourist guide had brought us to. Ying Ying speaks good english and we are blessed
to have her to bring us around, explaining the history and the what about of these places. She even go to the extend to bring us to a little old town called Noah, but it was in evening. Saw how the locals spend their evenings leisurely…the Sichuanese really live well !!

Cleo S

In June, I commenced my enquiry with Sichuan Adventures for a 3D2N get Away from Chengdu for November. I went through many many many iterations with Liu Bin re the visit as those coming on the trip has different expectations. Even up to one week before the trip we were still making changes. In all my interactions with Liu Bin (i.e. Leo) via email .. He is responsive, clear, timely, professional, and provides sound advice. It was even better when we finally met with Liu Bin who is patient, caring and speaks good English.

As we were there a few days earlier for a convention, Liu Bin took the initiative to meet with us in the evening (as he was available) to accompany us for some great Sichuan Cuisine. We had a nice intro to spicy sichuan food !!

Our trip to South Sichuan covered LeShan (giant Buddha), Steam Train with JiaYang Coal Mine tour, LiZhuang Old Town, Bamboo Forest (absolutely stunning and the air was refreshing) , Zigong Dinosaur Museum (an eye opener), Zigong Salt History. Museum (an eye opener) , these are places that the usual tour groups will NOT visit. We thoroughly enjoyed the variety in the span of 3D2N.

Although he could not provide the guide service himself, he ensured that we were provided with a knowledgeable guide. Liu Bin also ensured that we have a good driver and clean vehicle.

Therefore I strongly recommend Sichuan Adventure for a good trip to Sichuan and other parts. I am definitely coming back for my next trip to either Tibet or North Sichuan (next to the Tibet border) with Sichuan Adventure.

Thank You Liu Bin …. Thank You Sichuan Adventure.

lynn & friends at Jiayang steam train
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We had a great time at the Sichuan Cuisine Museum. Experienced the great location, the interesting history of food, and got to sample and cook up a storm. Ying ying came with us, she speaks fantastic English and took some great photos for us. Liu Bin had arranged everything, great service before and after. Would highly recommend.

Sichuan Cuisine Museum Cooking Class
Lisa Bridson
Lower Hutt, New Zealand

I have had the assistance of Liu Bin on two trips in China. First was in Beijing in April 2010 on holiday with the whole family, second was alone in Yunnan on a business trip in August 2013.

l can only speak highly of Liu. He is a very organized and knowledgeable guide, good with people, interested in all kinds of topics and a wizard on finding information so that we get to the right place in time. He is also very quick to understand what you are looking for, to suggest alternatives you did not know were available. On top of that he is an excellent travel companion.

I will give Liu Bin my best recommendations for any kind of trip you are planning anywhere. In Yunnan he was out of his normal area, but there were never any doubt about that we always were on the right track.

Pal and local farmer in Yunnan
PÅL KARLSEN | Film producer and writer
Oslo, Norway

Liu Bin was our tour guide cum tour coordinator for our 10 days road trip (18th – 27th May 2011) of Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Ying Xiu, Dujiangyan and Leshan. Furthermore, our group comprised of two senior citizens aged 81 & 76 years old. I must commend Liu Bin for his excellent service in looking after the elderly while we were on tour.

Liu Bin has an excellent command of the English language, spoken and written. Hence it is very easy for us to communicate with one another.

Over the short period of time that I have known our guide Liu Bin, I found that he is a dedicated, responsible and independent worker, and was always on time to meeting us at our hotel. I also found him to have quite a jovial personality and makes friends quite easily.

I will sincerely recommend him to anyone who is looking for an English speaking tour guide.

Kevin Lo & Family

Our enjoyment of our trip to Chengdu and its sites were made all the more pleasurable by being accompanied for the whole time by such a knowledgeable guide as Liu Bin. His knowledge of the Chengdu region is phenomenal and also of many regions of China, too.

Both my 70 year old parents and my 12 year old daughter were kept entertained throughout the trip with his stories of the area and the many other places that he has also visited. He made the visit to Chengdu and its attractions so easy and we have learnt so much from his huge knowledge of this region and also the whole of China!

In my opinion you could not find a more perfect companion for your travels in China.

English family visit Chengdu
Matthew, Sarah, Anna, Maureen & Alex
Oxford, England

This guide, Liu Bin, has been the best we ever had and we have travelled A LOT. His knowledge about every subject that we were interested in has been excellent. He spoke clear English and was patient&kind to us. He spent more time with us than he needed to and this was much appreciated by both of us.

As a representative for the Chinese people we could not have been more impressed. The driver was very careful and a nice person too. Thank you.

Seamus & Eleanor
Cork, Ireland

Liu was an excellent guide – speaking excellent English, he is very knowledgeable about general history, and kept us informed about the sites we visited. He gave us options in terms of the itinerary (when appropriate), and kept us informed about the schedule we were following. The transport was very good, and we felt comfortable and safe with Mr Chen driving.

We enjoyed the rest points – the lake, where we could see the white yaks, and especially Songpan – and appreciated the time when we could stop and take photos. Thank you for a wonderful tour! We’ve experienced some beautiful parts of China.

Emily & Aaron

Our guide was excellent. He is very knowledgeable and personable. He made our trip extremely enjoyable and very much enhanced it. He is very enthusiastic and maintains good energy throughout. He is outstanding. Our driver Kelvin was also very friendly, had a very good attitude and was helpful. Also good driving skills!

London, England

Liu was very friendly, helpful and informative. He has a gentle manners, and made every effort to make our stay wonderful.


Our guide Liu Bin was an excellent communicator. His English is excellent, and his knowledge of local area and history of China is amazing. He makes his commentary very accessible, and his manner is exemplary. He is considerate of his clients, too. Kevin (our driver) is also very helpful and courteous—We always felt safe on China’s mad roads!

Margaret & Friends

On our trip to Trip to Leshan & Emei, Liu Bin was a most excellent guide, spoke excellent english, had much to talk about that was interesting. He was very knowledgable about many different subjects. Kind and attentive, one of the very best guides I have ever had!

California, US

I was particularly impressed by Liu Bin in Chengdu. He has an excellent grasp of English, and was very helpful in finding destinations on other days besides our day in the Panda Base. I very much enjoyed talking with him during our day together. He is a credit to your company, and if we are able to return to Chengdu, I hope to meet him again.

Craig Pepin
Vermont, US